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Allow us the honour to enchant you and your guests with a warm welcome, fresh authentic Italian cuisine, and excellent service, making your visit an unforgettable and pleasant success.

Since 1986 Natalino Restaurant has been serving up the finest and most authentic Italian cuisine in the west island.




Historically, Dorval was a small town outside the city of Montreal, which was also used as a transit point between Downtown Montreal, Kingston and Toronto. In 1888, a man by the name of Joseph H. Decary built the building that is now known as Natalino Restaurant. This building was a general store that had dwelling space above. This building had the first telephone in Dorval. It was the first building passers by would encounter on their journey down Lakeshore Boulevard. Over the years ownership of the building would change hands several times and eventually in 1986, The De Fazio family, whom were renowned in Montreal’s culinary world, would open the doors of Natalino, and keep their family recipes alive.

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365 Lakeshore Dr, Dorval, QC H9S 2A5


Monday, 11 am – 11 pm

Tuesday 11am - 11pm

Wednesday 11am - 11pm

Thursday 11am - 11pm

Friday 11am - 11pm

Saturday 5pm - 11pm

Sunday 5pm - 11pm


(514) 631-5952

February 09, 2019-2.jpg